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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
If coarse, if coarse!
: WOW! That's some kinda bike ride, Bernard! I MUCH prefer the DOWNhills to the UPhills!!

You first gotta earn the downhill by riding up! But there is more to it: I usually ride up the mountain from the front and down on the back. The back is steeper (14 % vs. 12 %) and therefore I gain some slope this way. ;-)

: We spoke of you & all the Europeans often. We hope to see you & everyone else in 2010.

We also missed the Spaniards and the Americans and the Australians and all the other international roller skaters at Hot LaWa.

: That's awesome that you got to sk8 with some fellow rollerskaters last week. Is there anything better?!

I can't really tell. At least it's much better than skating alone as I do normally.
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