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RollerCon Stop 2...OR......something for those who just can't wait.....

: : Let me be the first to cast my vote for RollerCon 2009 MVPs. Jay & Dawn Cloetens. For everthing both he and his lovely bride did to make everyone feel comfortable no matter how good (or how bad) they might be on wheels. They opened their home, offered their help and gave from their hearts to all who were lucky enough to attend. There is more to vert skating than big tricks or smooth drop ins (not that my boy is lacking in those areas). His talent - in my and my much younger wife Robin's opinion- is at or above the level of those great sk8ters he idolized as a kid. Dawn was amazing while doing double and triple duty as a mom, a caterer, a hostess and more. I will be putting together my skates for next year as soon as we get home. So watch out for the geriatric revival of a genuine relic from the days of steel wheels and hockey boots. Thanks to everybody for humoring this old guy and making me feel young again. We had a blast!

I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have you there, Dad. Skating, hanging, being a Grandpa, it was all Awesome. Everyone's glad Robin's OK. That gave us all quite a scare. We have an unwritten rule amongst vertical skaters: NO AMBULANCES!!!! I'm so glad she's alright. When one of us leave in one, we usually come home encased in plaster!
I hope you're serious about your sk8s, because you know Dawn's serious about Sept Mi. Trip. While I won't have arms to carry my sk8s, along with all our baby gear, on a plane, I'd be happy to ship them ahead of me to sk8 somewhere there with you. I'll check into parks there later this month.
Safe journey Home. Thanks for coming & experiencing my favorite event of the year.
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