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The tragedy of
This great forum is an excellent tool for us all. It is vital for all of the members here to keep in touch and coordinate skate sessions, help with skate build ideas, share pics and videos as well as matters of personal life.

I must admit that I did find this forum about 3 years ago, but decided not to start posting at that time because the format here is confusing, and following a single discussion can be frustrating.

Even with the changes you will make with the easy quote system, this forum will not compare to the ease of use found over at the SkateLogForum. That place has a standard format that many other internet forums use, making it easier for new members to feel more "at home" right from the start. Plus, that forum already has thousands of registered users AND a sub-forum for people like us... The Quad Vert Skaters of the world. I think we would get better exposure over there and have better chances at bringing new blood into the parks in the form of quad rollers.

If I want to reply to a discussion that was started several weeks ago, it is likely that nobody will see my reply since only the newest threads are listed at the top. Over at SkateLog, you can post a reply to a thread from years back and it will bring the discussion back to the top of the list for all to see immediately. This is one of many advantages to such a site.

This is only an opinion, take is as that... useful criticism.
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