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The tragedy of
Bernhard, you are awesome and the reason I come on here is because the people that come to this forum are all true vert rollerskaters. Claudine, the reason I made the suggestion is to make threads easier to read that have photos and video. Jay posts awesome pics and videos, but it is so time consuming to try to read responses and have to see two pages of the original thread. It would be cool to view an original post with great pics and vids and then just see the responses. It would be so much user friendly. I am not about to complain about this site because it is my favorite and so are the people. I just get confused sometimes as to who is responding and I enjoy reading everyone's comments. You people are awesome and I was so stoked to skate with some of you the other day.

: Hi Claudine,
: thanks for the warm words. They are well received!
: However, I would argue that a BBS style forum is simpler to implement than a forum with a threaded view. And I think we could argue for hours on end which style is best. Probably Beer Hunter is right that stuff you are used to is easiest to jump on.
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