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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
The tragedy of "easy quoting" support
: Bernhard, I am so thankful for your forum and I truly appreciate what you have created. It is absolutely awesome.

Well, thanka a lot for the compliments! Makes me really happy.

The issue you bring up seems to be the same thing that has been bothering me for a while and probably I am the one who has to take a large part of the blame. First off, you do not have to apologize for your woes since they concern a very real usability problem. But let me try to weasle out of it at least a tiny bit by trying to make clear that all has been in the best intention.

The root of the problem is the "easy quoting" support in the forum. When you reply to a posting, a quote of the message you are replying to is automatically included in the input field labeled 'Content'. The idea is that you delete everything not necessary to understand your reply and the writing your reply below the quoted lines it relates to (like I have down with the line from your message on top of the reply I am writing now). The problem is that I assumed everyone to be familiar with this practise from the old days and therefore never explained it anywhere! The way out probably is to make quoting a little bit harder by requiring the user to press a button if he wants to include a quote of the original message and by giving a hint to delete everything not neccessary to understand the context. After all, the original message is only a click away or can be viewed in context of the whole discussion thread by selecting the 'All' view.

To come to the end of this long posting: Your words have encouraged me to change the quoting support some time. Until now, I feared that the users of the forum wpuld kill me, but now I now that you at least would welcome the change.
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