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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Skating yesterday took some pics.....
Hey Skaters!
How's everybody's weekend been going? I hope well. I know some parts of the US have been having rain. We even had some here in Vegas! Actually dictated the choice of parks yesterday for my 1st session since the infamous Santa Monica faceplant. :~
My Skateboarder friend, Ian & I went to the OTHER indoor park here in Sin City. You're all familiar with Area 702, well we went to Skate City. It's a fun park. They've got a nice 4 1/2 foot tall spine ramp that connects to wedge to 2 foot speed bump to 6 foot 1/4 or 10 foot vert wall. It's cool.
I recently got a new phone & it has a decent camera in it, although there's no zoom OR video. Anyway, I thought I'd try it out @ the sk8 park yesterday.
So, here's Ian, my sk8 boarder buddy:


And, your humble narrarator, me:


Now the astute observer, (Bernard) will note my sk8mag sticker. I'm also sporting a patriotic flaming skull stiicker on side of helmet that I got from my Dad, Ben. He's sporting same sticker AND shoud receive his alotment of sk8mag stickers tomorrow. Our intent is to have sessions in different parks AND states, possibly even on different days BUT wearing same helmet stickers AND combining into single or related threads here on the Beloved Forum. (All Hail, Bernard! Das Forum ist Supreme!)
So here we go. Out of respect, we'll start with Ben. Here he is skating on a path near his house:

Dad skating in Michigan in his new gear

Special thanks go out to Robin not only for indulging Ben in his RE-found passion, but for going out & capturing some shots for us narcissists here on the Forum. Yes, we all love pics of ourselves, I'm comfortable with that. If you aren't, what are you doing on this Forum?? LOL!!
Anyway here are a couple shots of the local park by Ben & Robin's place in The Great White North:
The mini-ramp:
Mini-Ramp in Mich by Ben's House
The Noping 1/4 Pipes:
Dad's Local Park noping area

So, I'm thinking this is where you guys (I'm thinking of you, now, Biff!) start paying your way & give the REAL Old Dude whatever Pearls of Wisdom you can. He's skating stock speed sk8s & this is his local park. We want him good to go for 2010 RC!!

So, like I said no Zoom or video & it took a few shots to get timing down, but here's Ian bailing a Rock-to-Fakie on the Spine:

It took Ian a couple to get timing down as well, but here's me Spine Aerial transfer:

Me backside sliding back 1/4 pipe on other side of Spine. I AM there!


And my version of a Backside Boneless on the Spine:


And, lastly, I probably posted this already, so apologies, but it cracks me up everytime I see it (thanks, Dad) & thought it might do the same for you guys. Approx 8 year-old Jay skating down a sidewalk side-surf. Ah the 70's!

8 Year old Jay Side-Surfin

OK...OK.....stop laughing, wipe your eyes.....and......GO SK8!!!!!!! Except you, Claudine. You heal.

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