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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
a little something for our Illustrious Host, Bernard.
Hey Skaters.
The helmet stickers have arrived in Michigan. While his Vert-Skating skills may be rusty, they are THERE, however, his cyber skills aren't rusty. They're.....too much of a P.I.T.A. for him to bother with. :)
Hence the whole 'Virtual Sessions' idea for me & my Dad.
Anyway, I've been emailed the images of the helmet WITH stickers, I give them to you.

Front of helmet. Prominently featured & Area 702 Kreu:
Dad's Helmet Frontview

Side-View showing the Flaming Patriotic Skull:

Dad's Helmet sideview

And rear-view pimpimg a South Bay Skates.... South Bay Take-Down People!!!!!

Dad's Helmrearviewet

That's all for now. Thanks for sending me the pics,Dad. Now get out there & SK8 that park!!!! Remember, biggest stuff is BEST, more room/time to fall & kneeslide. :) Send pics!!!!

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