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Skating yesterday took some pics.....
: Hey Skaters!
: So, I'm thinking this is where you guys (I'm thinking of you, now, Biff!) start paying your way & give the REAL Old Dude whatever Pearls of Wisdom you can. He's skating stock speed sk8s & this is his local park. We want him good to go for 2010 RC!!
: PEACE....................................Jay
So....I take it you want tips on what your Dad should do with the skates he has, and on the park he has available to him??

My first suggestion is to start on the biggest trannys(no...not transvestites) possible. Small stuff tends to lead to quick falls. You'll hit the ground before you can prepare for the crash. Which in turn leads to injuries.

BUT, before even hitting that park, get your skate legs back under you as much as possible! Go skate trails, parking garages, minor hills, etc.. You want to feel natural skating outdoors. Skate rinks are ok, but just not the same; however....they'll do fine if it is raining outside.

And.....WEAR PADS. I wouldn't want you to re-injure your knee by being careless in your rush to have fun again on skates. Let it flow and the fun will follow.

I miss you all. Cali and Vegas were awesome.
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