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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Some Stall Tutorials I did for my Dad...

Hey Everybody.
I made a couple of videos for my Dad to help him with stalls. I hadn't intended to post them here. But after some exchanges with Claudine & Beer Hunter earlier today I decided to post them here after all.
I apologize for the formatting, they WERE done specifically for my Father though.
Anyway, here they are. Hope they're beneficial to somebody.

Tutorial # 1:

Tutorial # 2:

And lastly something from a park I only discovered/heard of last week. Apparently they've been in town about 5 months, but it was News to me! Anyway, since I had Dawnie (& Ryder) with me for a Change I thought I'd have Dawn take some Stills since I can't do that on my own. What follows is a compilation of those sequenced shots along with some close-ups of my sk8s for what I call "T-Stalls". I think these are easiest FIRST stall to learn for a couple reasons.
1: You can either stall on deck, coping or inside ramp.
2: You're partially turned into ramp for re-entry already.

Anyway, here it is:

Well, that's it, Kids. Like I said, they were made for my Dad, so forgive the personalization. I hope this helps/amuses whatever.
BH, hope you can benefit somehow. If you get the chance to sk8 with Biff & Raven, Do it!. Those guys RIP & they're cool peeps.
Now, I'm going to get my Ass motivated to go sk8! But where should I go?? Anthem?? Killer, but probably overrun with Groms on 2 wheels right about now. Area 702? Also Killer, but a long drive to sk8 a hot vert ramp by myself. New park (Showtime) nnot much for me to play on besides the mini....hmmmmm.....decisions....decisions......oh yeah what about Hollywood? Also Killer. Also long way for Hot solo session........I'm not sure yet, so I'm leaving y'all hanging too!!
Keep Rollin' on 8! Get out & Skate!

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