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Some Stall Tutorials I did for my Dad...
So.... how lucky am I to have this kid for my son? You couldn't see it in the vid of our first sk8 together in 30+ years but Jay was right behind me in case I fell so he could catch me and take the concrete himself.

The tutorials sure helped me and I'm sure they will help a lot of others. There are certainly skaters (or wannabe sk8ers)out there watching this forum who are simply in awe of the level of skating they see here. We should all encourage anyone who shows an interest, the stickers say "Dying Breed" for a reason. This is the perfect vehicle to perpetuate out hallowed craft by teaching, encouraging and sharing with each other, and with strangers, all we know. Talk about a school of hard knocks.....not many things out there harder than cement. Just knowing regular people all over the world can do these seemingly impossible tricks gives hope to others both young and old that they can one day drop into that ramp down the street themselves.

With help and encouragement from Jay and so many others, this former vert skater is now doing 2 things he has looked forward to for years. Collecting Social Security and skating once again.

Long Live Jay TV!!!!!!!!!
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