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Some Stall Tutorials I did for my Dad...
Wow so cool! I really appreciate it even if noone else benefits, I sure loved it!! I just cant get how you guys drop in with both skates on the coping. I only do one foot on the coping. I guess its all how you learn. I didnt even know til recently you could drop in this way.

I am also confused, for backstalls do you recommend 1st doing one foot on the hangers like a grind? I struggled always with backstalls. I tend to get my wheels hung up on the coping so since not ready for hard, unexpected slams yet, havent done them again since my accident. My front stalls are always limited by confidence. So I tap them rather then stand up on them still. Gosh, cant wait til you do a grind tutorial!! I'll love it!! But really, no hurry. It wont be until winter that I start to push myself to do things which could really slam me.

Actually, I DID skate today. Just in a flat parking lot for half an hour. My bad but it felt so good to be free and elated again, YEAH!! I had my splint on and know now I'm a pro falling nice and softly and safely. Went OK but concerned as I am having breathing problems still. Feels like my lungs are covered in mucus and closed up and oxygen cant get in. It sucks but I hope I can get this problem solved soon or I can get an oxygen tank to take with me!!????? At least ramps is go, rest and weeze and go again......
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