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People you skated with in the past or recently
I just thought this would be a cool topic for those of us that skated a long time ago. I am realizing that I was so young that I really did not get to know most of the big skateboarders or rollerskaters during my time. I skated Skatercross Skatepark in Van Nuys and the big influence on me was Paul Votava. I am guessing I was 11 years old and he was about 16 or 17. I learned a lot from watching him, but since I was so young I really did not get to know him. I also skated with skateboarders like Eric Grisham and Bert Lamar. I was involved with ASPO so I skated with skaters like Tony Hawk and I think Chris Miller was Pro at the time. I heard of Duke Rennie and Fred Blood, but only met Fred when I was a very young kid. I have recently heard names of Kenny Means, Brian Wainright and met Martin Broich in Germany when I was inline skating in 1992. I did meet Lee Ettinger in 1992 when he was doing inline and killing it as well. I am stoked to have skated with Duke, Desi, Jay, Lee and Biff rencelty. I was so young at the time and never realized how big some of the rollerskaters were and are. Duke shows up at Santa Monica and all the old pros know him and that is cool. Who did you guys skate with back in the day or now? I remember a guy named Jamie Ide who was one of the best I had ever seen. I was so young that I didn't really realize how good he was. I belong to several skateboard forums and it is amazing how many hardcore skateboarders remember these guys. It is pretty cool. I actually started a thread on Concrete Disciples asking thier thoughts about vertical rollerskaters. I was sure I would get at ton of shit, but everyone had good things to say and they all mentioned Duke Rennie. I thought that was pretty cool. I can't forget Irene Ching either because I heard her name many years ago and now she is a part of this forum. I think it is so cool. Who do you oldtimers from the 80's remember?They may be gone or not, but definitely not forgotten.

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