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People you skated with in the past or recently

I don't really have anyone to mention like you do. I have skated with lots of excellent skateboarders over the years. But, none of the guys I skated with ever became really popular in the skating world, or else I lost touch with them.

I have had the pleasure to meet Lance Mountain. Also got to skate with Sean White in Houston, once. Those two guys are among the nicest guys that you'd ever want to meet!!! As nice as the day is long.

The only influence, other than watching skateboarders, for me, is having had Alan Oates (vert quad skater) introduce me to vert skating. He did some really wicked technical hand plants with all sorts of various foot grabs that would have astounded you all!! I have never achieved his skill at one handed hand plants while grabbing a skate with the other hand.

That's it for me.
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