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People you skated with in the past or recently
Well...........other than my Dear Ol' Dad, I never had any RollerSkaters to be influenced by. Though I DID see Fred Blood sk8 a couple times when I was like 7. He ripped.
As far as Skateboarders go....hmmmmm, well a Boarder got me into Ramp-Skating & kinda kept me under his Wing til I could hold my own. That was my Buddy Kirk Starrett. Thank You, Kirk! I could not IMAGINE my life without Skating!
But, I expect you mean Famous people.
So....I would be Remiss if I didn't start with my own Quad Hero: Duke Rennie. Though I've only known (or known of!!) Duke for about 3 years, I'm Proud AND Happy to say I can call him my friend. And I have skated with him Many Many times. Always a Joy AND a Clinic! And I got to SK8 with Fred @ RC this year!
Boarders.....well I've skated with Andy MacDonald a few times when I lived in Orlando. Mike Frasier was a local pro @ The S.P.O.T. (Skate Park Of Tampa, Florida USA) & that was my 1st Vert Ramp. We skated together so often he got tired of seeing me get into Handplants, on the 12 foot vert ramp, only to throw them ALL away. I must've got into 100+ Handplants but never really tried to commit to riding it away. Well, Frasier was ALWAYS there on the 1/2, but he NEVER spoke to lowly quad guy Jay. Until one day when, after I'm hiking back up the stairs after throwing away perfectly good handplant # 10 or 11, he screams from the deck "Just put your fuckin feet down! They're tied on for Christ Sake!"
Well I got up top, he looks @ me, repeats it & says, "Now just fuckin do it!" I dropped in & landed AND rode away from my 1st vert handplant ever. Thanks to Mike Frasier. How's that?
Sorry 'bout the language, Kids. But that IS what he said & it DID motivate me successfully!

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