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I can relate and sympathize with you. I am the only rollerskater, I think only 3-4 at most in the late 70s. Fortunately, we also have an indoor vert ramp and I skate with mostly skateboarders (the inliners are like the inliners at your ramp) and luckily there are and handful of youngsters attacking vert quite well. I'm happy that a new generation of skaters are appreciating vert. I, too, spent many years skating alone at times and had to dig deep for motivation. I've always been more inspired by vert skating and have enjoyed that over street or miniramp, and since I've been skating some bowls in the last few years, I've come to really like carving round walls. Like you, it's what makes me feel good, so I will keep skating until I can't anymore. I hope to be at it for awhile still, though old age is taking it's toll. I like the last statement you made below:
Greetings for all the people who fight to do the things that makes them happy in their lives.

Keep on rolling! Know that I am there with you in spirit.

--- irene
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