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Nelo (pictures by Nelo)
I guess the winter here is milder than in Germany. There is a lot of fog in Madrid but when the sun shines, it's fine during the day. You know, usually, winter is not a good season for rollerskating, but fortunatelly, we have an indoor vert to rip.
The main problem here is that only a very few people keep on ridding. Injuries, marriages, jobs, lazyness, age... have apparted people from rollerskating. Besides, young guys use to skate in line street skating. They don't ride miniramps and when they come to the vert, it's too difficult for them to pull off any trick, and they get frustated. They don't have the illusion my friends and I had when we started visiting vert ramps. We knew it was difficult but we still wanted to do the tricks we saw from Marcos Longares, Gerardo Caņizares or Eduardo Cortijo.
Sometimes I have to skate alone. It's a little bit sad, but when you are hot, you only think on pull off tricks better. Besides, it's good to put yourself an objective, something that motivates you, because to skate hard requires determination. Music is also helpful.You see, even with a ramp, there are some other difficulties, (je, je), but I still ride, because it's what I like most. This evening, I will skate with a friend and 2 or 3 guys more (this is a bunch). There are some liptricks I want to recover (a soft knee injure keep me stopped a couple of months and I have lost them).
Sorry for the boring comment, and greetings for all the people who fight to do the things that makes them happy in their lives.
You guys, keep on ripping!

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