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: I guess the winter here is milder than in Germany. There is a lot of fog in Madrid but when the sun shines, it's fine during the day. You know, usually, winter is not a good season for rollerskating, but fortunatelly, we have an indoor vert to rip.

How I envy you! But Basel is not so far from here (60 km), so I hope to be skating there soon again. I will be working there again starting in February.

: We knew it was difficult but we still wanted to do the tricks we saw from Marcos Longares, Gerardo Caņizares or Eduardo Cortijo.

I think that was the motivation for a lot of us: Seeing some crazy roller skating doing impossible stuff in those awe-inspiring ramps! The youth has different idols.

: Sometimes I have to skate alone.

I know that this is a small consolation but I have to skate alone most of the time. Sometimes a friend skates with me on his skateboard. There were times when there were quite some roller skaters in this region. Sometimes they put on their skates. But this is only on rare occasions. :-(

: Sorry for the boring comment,

Not boring at all. I believe everyone in this forum can relate to other vert roller skaters and likes to hear from them.

: You guys, keep on ripping!

Same to you.
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