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Beer Hunter (videos by Beer Hunter) (pictures by Beer Hunter)
Now you two can have beautiful skates!!!!
I bet that the sole is glued onto the boot. If so, then do not leave it in the car on a hot sunny day! The skate could come unglued.

And those plates look like the poor performing Probe. They could work marginally well for someone weighing less than 100 pounds, but any normal sized adult will leverage against the kingpins and cause the plate to flex. This will cause the skate to NOT turn when you lean.

It might work for someone like Claudine where the weather is mild and her weight is very low.

This is all from looking at the pictures. I could be wrong on one or more points.

Otherwise, I like the idea of multiple color skates to choose from without the requirement of a $60 up-charge and 8 weeks lead time! And those Fugitive wheels will work well for someone who is lightweight.
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