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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Now you two can have beautiful skates!!!!
WOW! Those are Fug'n Cool!
OK, 1st: Biff, precisely which "two" (see thread subject) do you refer to about having those beautiful sk8s? LOL!
2nd: I skated basically stock speed sk8s with NYLON speed plates that I further distressed by boring 2 holes into each so I could mount my grind plates onto 'em. I weigh about 160, live in Las Vegas & am pretty hard on my sk8s. I NEVER broke a plate. I DID have boots start to separate from the plate ( at the rivets of course) but only after 3-4 years of HARD usage & the boots were already worn to a point of unsafe from kneeslides by then anyway.
Of course, if you ride a sk8board truck set-up you'd wanna get the boots BEFORE they mount that rollersk8 speed plate on 'em with those damned rivets. Claudine & Ben would be cool with the stock set-up though. :)
Are those the "two" you'd meant, Biff? LOL!
Too bad they don't have 'em in Purple. I'd be compelled to order a pair.
Hope the New Year's off to a good start for all my Roller Homies (& Homettes).
&, of course, keep rollin' on 8!
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