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Now you two can have beautiful skates!!!!
Oh wow, I wouldnt spend that much for a generic boot lol. I just need a boot anyways.

My heel is about a size 4A narrow. For my 265s, I had to send them back to get padded narrow, then I had to add heel grippers on top of that and sew in a rear strap so my heels dont slip. I dont think you realize how small my bones are. :-) I'm just looking at boot options as my oak streets are splitting at the seams and one day I wont be able to repair them. My ebay skates have layers of padding in them to keep my heels in and arent comfortable either. I have yet to find a pair of skates that fit my feet and dont cause me problems. I might have to pay for custom one day and keep them for the rest of my life like Duke lol, but for street its too much money.

I found out those boots fit wide, so no good for me. I also have a split last foot, my forefoot is square so narrow toes dont work for me.

If I got a cheap boot, I would go synthetic too. Dont ask, you wouldnt understand lol. I might look into the Diablos or something. Right now I actually dont have any income, much less a poor income. Waiting.... So not buy anything....

I'll be back soon. Trying to get an xray. I think my arm is OK. If I cant get one, March I'm coming back regardless. I'll just be careful awhile.
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