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First runs in the spuybowl
: I loved that!! You definitely have an edge on a lot of people as you really know how to attack a ramp. Once you really get comfortable on quad aggressive skates, you are going to be killing it!!!
: Thanks for the vid. Very nice.
: Captcha "guilt police" lol

Thanks for watching! :)
I wasn't planning on literally killing it, although killing the idiots sitting on the coping doesn't sound like a bad idea. ;)
It takes a lot of getting used to, that's for sure. Now I also feel what you meant by inline frames being too narrow a slider. On my next baseplate, whenever that's gonna be realised, I'll either attach two pairs of inline frames parallel to each other or I'll see if I can do something else. Gambin's Stickywear sliders look really good, but cutting through UHMW myself sounds like going through hell.
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