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First runs in the spuybowl
: WOW, looks like you had FUN!! I'm digging watching you. I'm totally game already for a roll tomorrow to practice. Well I have to say you are adjusting nicely. Enjoying the rocking motion and carving? ;-D I wish I had a bowl like that here. I'll have to go out some soon and get to the other bowls I enjoyed.

I'm glad to have inspired you. The rocking motion was enjoyed most in the first run. I didn't quite think over how I should lean in that first corner. Somehow I like falling when I know it doesn't damage anything. So yeah, I'm busy with making my second toeguard out of necessity after the damage the first session made, but still it was hella fun.
Not to mention the thrill of having your inner wheels bump into each other while carving. *Carve, carve, carve... "Huh?", next second, you lie on the floor checking if you didn't damage your boots*

I also like seeing parallel stance riders doing cool stuff on youtube. Makes me feel less of a total loser for not being lean enough for sidestance. You've gotta do something to distract you from being jealous of the sidestancers out there.

I'll check out more of your videos soon, if I haven't seen them all yet. From what I recall, I saw videos from a year ago of you riding very insecure, and videos of now showing much improvement. Keep at it, the future's bright!
I'll tell you a true story to encourage you. I broke my foot when I was twelve, more than a year before I started skateboarding. You know how? I ran at home with flipflops.
Can you imagine? Fudging flipflops!
I never broke anything in my career of skateboarding and inline skating, so although the logic is a bit crude, it doesn't affect the bottomline: Being in a skatepark is safer than being at home.
(That is, until a bmxer rides into you with his lump of steel, but fortuna has spared me that fate until now, fortunately.)
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