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First runs in the spuybowl
Your compliments were like sunshine in a rain of vuvuzelas.
The entire city is in an anarchic state right now because of the soccer match. You can make as much noise as you want, vandalise any public or private property, as long as you're wearing something orange. You can even beat up people not wearing orange, because clearly, they deserve it if they don't support 11 guys running after a ball, representing the pride of the country.

Nothing against soccer, but really, couchsitting and quaffing beer is not a sport.

Ah well, at least my stereo can handle the noise if I set it louder, and if they're consequent in their tolerance of all the other crap it shouldn't be a problem, right? Conformist rednecks...

Rant rant rant. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, thanks for telling me I'm skating very well. I wish my boots could keep up with me skating(and bailing) very well, because I really need to go on making my right toeguard now and see how heel- and sideguard could work out.

It is a hell of a difference, that one was obvious from the beginning on, but when I attempted those one-hander 180s of mine, the weight became obvious. But I can feel the extra speed of 4 more wheels, harder wheels and twice as many bearings. This is gonna be a hell of a summer. Next session is planned tomorrow. I should invite some non-cyberspace friends.
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