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Views on protection
: Whats worse was i was stretching off and my wife overheard some kids in the seating area wondering what i was doing. All i can say to that is i hope they enjoy the lactic acid buildup or in the worse case scenario they rip a muscle from not warming up. It seems theyd rather spend money on expensive skates, boards, bearings and wheels etc rather than educating themselves on protecting their bodies.

Ah, yes, the people laughing at us behind our back. I also hear lots of things from my partner. Sometimes it has really disappointed me and taught me to try and look closer than the sympathetic surface some people might show, when they just laugh at you behind your back.

The times I've heard questions like "Why are you wearing pads?"... Most of the times it's younger children(around 8yo) asking those questions. Adults(22+) generally understand why you do it, teens(15+) are too scared to say anything in your face, and older children(around 12yo) are also scared if you don't talk to them first.

I forget to stretch before skating, but when I feel the cramps coming and stretch to prevent them, I get the stares, too.

: Maybe they should make helmets optional too, might knock some sense into their heads.

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