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Views on protection
: : ....Maybe they should make helmets optional too, might knock some sense into their heads.
: Almost no one wears helmets at the park I go to in Round Rock. Usually, there is me, my son, and one other kid who wears a helmet. Then, if the old school skateboarders join me in the bowl, that number might sometimes double.
: Helmets are a requirement for those under 18, and at least 90% of those w/o helmets are under 18. Just ain't cool to wear one, until someone dies.
: [url+"§ionid=5&task=category"]List of skateboard fatalities[/url]
: [url+""]UC Santa Cruz student dies after skateboard crash in Capitola [/url]
: [url+""]Tech student dies from skateboard accident[/url]
: [url+""]Man Dies in Skateboarding Accident[/url]
: The list goes on and on. There are few enough of us as it is.
: Please.....wear your helmet!!

I was gonna ask whether I could drop the helmet after getting confident, but I can already guess the reactions.
But it's just that I miss the music while skating. It really adds a dimension.
I've really gotta find a solution, and fast. Modding my headphones into "neckphones" might be the best idea, or just using a pair of proper neckphones.

On the other hand, I did miss the roaring and screeching skateboard wheels in my five years of inline skating, so I shouldn't whine and enjoy the music of my own boots singing their "I've been drilled and bolted to death by this bully"-song.
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