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I've got big feet! Wheelbase question?
Hey, I CAN stall both the copings! I didnt know!! Yep, made it back and forth once. Little girl with big feet, awesome! I will get a video in another month!

Hey, soon I think I will switch my plates. My street skates wheelbase is 1/4" longer. My vert skates have the rear trucks slightly forward, 1/4" from standard. It was OK cause I am narrow and used to clip my back wheels with the wide trucks. Now I'm not. But on bigger ramps I butt plant sometimes cause of it and I want to start hitting the bigger ramps. I see all you guys have really LONG wheelbases.

So you parallel guys, turning is on the rear wheels right? Cause if I try it and find the rear wheels are too far back I could move it up 1/8" inch and the front trucks under the base of my toes shouldnt matter? I will take my street skates to the little bowl and if it turns OK I will do this switch.

THen I will have to debate designing new sliders! Still have UHMW!! I might make it more of a flattened V instead of the curve like inline plates for my design but keep it the same height as it is. If I go down towards the plate much more I know I will get hung up on the coping. I dont think I would like it a straight flat line though.

Just trying to practice a bit almost daily now. :-D The kiddie park is OK now that I'm working on some tricks.

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