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I've got big feet! Wheelbase question?
: Thats too heavy for me lol! Looks like another bolt too?

> Only 2 very thin roller skate bolts per slider. Besides, it really doesn't add much weight at all, since I drill out material to install them, including the recessed area for the locknut.

: I think I like a design the is more of a V rather then flat like that. You move around too much on flat. I'll probably think about it a few weeks.

> Mine was only flat during the process of preparation. Once, I got to the fully attached stage, I cut out a lock in spot on my sliders. You can see it in the pictures below. I used a router to machine the lock in spot.

I'm already planning my next prototype, which will have more of a semi-long curved groove lock in spot. I am going to get rid of the wood block as well. In its' place, I'll use a solid block of UHMW plastic that I will lighten with a honeycomb of drilled holes through it. If I cannot get a pice that is big enough, I might use a second flat piece like a riser pad for a skateboard truck. That way, I could remove a lot of the material (like the one pictured further below.

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