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I've got big feet! Wheelbase question?
: Hey, I CAN stall both the copings!


: So you parallel guys, turning is on the rear wheels right?

**I'm pretty sure that I use any and all wheels when turning. Can't say as if I use one more than the other. Probably, the lead foot uses the front truck for turning more, while the trailing foot uses the rear truck more for turning.

Cause if I try it and find the rear wheels are too far back I could move it up 1/8" inch and the front trucks under the base of my toes shouldnt matter?

**I have my front trucks ALL the way forward, and my rear trucks all the way rearward. It takes a little getting used to, but I adapted within a week to it. Definitely not as agile as a rink set up. But, skating vert, your skates do not have to be as agile.

: Just trying to practice a bit almost daily now. :-D The kiddie park is OK now that I'm working on some tricks.

**Keep it up!!!

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