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J. Wouldridge
Variflex plates + ACS hangers
A couple of years ago I mentioned that I had a pair of ACS rollerskates. They originally came standard with ACS 430 truck/hangers, ACS base plates on Vans canvas boot. I modified them with the ACS LITE 580 truck/hangers. I bought those rollerskates in the 80's. I had the SIMMS Comp II 64mm wheels with SIMMS racing bearings. I did manage to lose them after several years of trouble free skating. I recently purchased a set of Riedell racing skates and modified them by installing ACS 651 truck/hangers. They installed without any modification. The wheels are KRYPTO 63.5 CSI's. They have racing bearings and spacers. I really like these. Good for speed and downhill. I really like chasing the chicks on bikes. A lot of the younger kids on their BMX bikes try to keep up, but they can't keep up. Down on the flats, I even had a few dogs try to catch me. These/those two skates were/are so comfortable that I would put them on and could skate all day without any discomfort or blisters. Skated the Maryland Marathon (26 Miler) once. I was still skating hours afterwards.
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