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tim altic (pictures by tim altic)
Variflex plates + ACS hangers
: Hi,
: Brian W. e-mailed me and asked me to call tracker trucks and give them more feedback about the need for extreme skates. So I made exploded views of my skates and sent the pics to tracker. I then, even called and made an appointment to talk to them, and traveled from Colorado to California to personally show them my model. As I was leaving the guy said, well they look a little rough but I'll think about it. Basicly he thought that trackers old attempt at extreme skates which was like the old artical I wrote for the english mag in "78" how to make skates out of 4-acs 430's and a plate. I thought that if I had given my design to Tracker that I should at least share my skates with people who care enough to have a forum.
Suregrip roller skate plates with indi 101's w/a jump bar foating in between the cushons and plastic slider plates bolted to the jump bar. I studied all the kids skates at this ramp in Leone, France. and came back to america to build what I thought was the best combination of all the ideas that I saw. Here it is I will be putting more pics on Pinkjuice soon.
: Irene wrote in post 463:
: : Post a pic of the new setup when you're done.
: Got my ACS-430 hangers today; they fit and skate well. Thanks for the tip! I was thinking about going all metal, then saw pics of your skates, and read that they are Variflex plates plus ACS hangers, which is a great compromise/solution for me.
: Here's a pic:
: (.jpg); a better pic to come soon. The other stuff (grind bars etc) will take a while.
: Soon I'll get a set of 500s; I'll see if I like them even more :)
: In case my Variflex plates break, or if I want to throw together a second pair; does Variflex still make em? If not, I'd probably look into other non-metal alternatives, such as
: Starway FORMULA 2 Zytel (carbon-fiber).
: I'm excited about Brian's skates; any news?
: Tobi
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