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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Variflex plates + ACS hangers


: I just spoke to a metal guy and he suggested using
: stainless steel that he would cut into bars for me.
: Let you know how that goes when it's done.

OK! I'm also trying to find some metal guy who can help me with grind bars, and a thin plate between the shoes and the baseplates (frames). Years ago a bike mechanic welded the little square tubes under the jump bars for me; perhaps the grind bars could rest on them.

: I still need 2 more ACS 580 hangars to complete a second
: pair of skates. Where did you find yours?

... secret sauce ;)

I'll give you the contact offlist.

: Do ACS hangar fit into these Starway FORMULA 2 Zytel
: plates?

Isn't that "hanger" not "hangar"? Again; english is not my native language, so I appreciate help.

I don't know if they fit ... perhaps they could tell you via email? Tell me when you find out.


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