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Holger's brother Joerg writes:

Hi friends of Free Beule. I´m happy to see that a lot of people want to help, please keep doing so, because this shit isn´t going to end to soon.

The facts. Beule was on a delivery sailing trip to deliver a catamaran to the south pacific, he was NOT sailing on the Secret Love.

The U.S. drug enforcement agency tipped of the Australien Federal Police that "a" catamaran is going to deliver cocaine to Australia. The AFP made a surch at the Sailing Yacht (monohull) "Mayhem of Eden" in the Scarborough Marina near Brisbane/Queensland at the australien eastcoast and found 464kg of cocaine.

Then they started looking for a potential catamaran. Wrong time wrong place Beule was sailing in the tasmanian sea 800km (390 nautical miles) of the australien coast in international waters. The Aussies thaught this could be a good catch and towed the catamaran "Edelweiß" to Australia speculating that this catamaran could have been involved in a boat to boat transfer in open waters. The catamaran was under german flag.

They accused Holger and his crewmate in "aiding and abetting illegal importation of a commercial quanitity of controlled substances" implying that Holger is a member of international drug mafia LOL LOL.

Holger is attended by a lawyer from a respectable Lawyers society. But there is no chance to get a look into the police files, the investigations are in progress, even my phone is tapped and my internet connection is monitored. Hi there BB :-(

As i heard from friends the german BKA (German Federal Police - Bundeskriminalamt) made house surches at places where Holger lived years before.

The sadest part of the story is that the aussies killed our all good friend Lady Governer. R.I.P Govy.

News will follow asap.

Joerg Sander Beules Bro
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