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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Bad news from Holger
The latest info from Beule's brother:

Joerg Sander 23. November 11:17

Dear friends.
Just a little update. I was in contact with Beules lawyer who met with him last friday, his words:

"Hi Joerg

Holger was in good spirits yesterday when I saw him (as best as can be expected) and says to say hello to everyone and to thank them for their continued support."

So far the lawyer doesn´t know anything about if or if not there is evidence that prooves if Holger might be involved into this or not. The matter is still under investigation. Beule is hold in imprisonment on remand.

We are going to send new spectacles to Beule this week. A friend in cologne managed to go to the oculist where Beule used to go to, to get the right data for for the spectacle-lenses, that an optician could assemble new spectacles.

News will follow asap.

Joerg Sander Beules Bro
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