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More news from Holger 's brother
Joerg Sander writes:

Dear friends.

"Fuck The System Enjoy Yourself" that was allways the credo of Holger "Beule" Sander

First of all i must say how much im touched by all this committment of you guys. I hope that Beule will have the oppurtunity soon to see this with his own eyes.

There is starting a lot of speculations about if or if not Beule was/is involved into this matter. I know him since a couple of years, he was allways a standup guy giving shit to bondage of money and the demand of society to be a good and wealthy part, pay tax, work 45years and shut the fuck up your mouth. Could this man really be seduced to risk all his live of being a free creature, living on a boat,travelling the world, for some dough or for some more dough? I wont believe that.

Needless to say that the media needs food and that the authorities needs success what ever it takes.

The reason why he looked tired in this video might be that he was a couple of days at seas. As i know they started in Panama. The distance to the place where they where captured by the Australiens is about 8500nautical miles which are about 15.700km,assuming that they made an average of 9kn/hour (which is a positive assumtion) they where a minimum of 40 to 60 days at sea whithout seeing land. Sailing by two the ryhthm is maybe 4 hours sleep 4hours watch.Every sailor of this world looks fucking tired after that period.

In the justice of Germany and most countries of western democratic style exists something called "presumption of innocence", that means to be innocent until proven guilty. Till now the prosecution didnt show up with any evidence.

Beule called me last night. It was a quick call, his $s where running through pretty fast. His own words were "Im fine, according to the circumstances" needless to say that he was very sad an upset about Govys fate. I told him that many friends are committed and will support as good as they can.

But, he also said and thats what he heard from other cell mates, that the australien justice is working pretty slow. His words where "stay calm and be patient".

I bow my head before all of you and hope that all you guys keep going on supporting Beule.

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