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Nelo (pictures by Nelo)
Hot LaWa Contest August 13/14
: Or maybe we will meet in Freiburg and in WWW.

That will be perfect! Two vert rollerskating meetings in three months but I can not take days off at my job on October. Once again I'm going to miss the US meeting.

If I'm free from duties in august, and I'm in Spain, I will probably drive to Freiburg.

I'm going to write a little.
I've been skating in Lyon the first weekend of May. It is a 13 hours drive to get there from Madrid but three days of vert rollerskating worth it (even when travelling alone). I'm trying to train once a month so I guess I will be in Lyon again in the second week of June or so. That ramp is terrific and it doesn't matter if it is rainy or windy. As a matter of fact, the guys running the skatepark are beautiful people and the city is OK. There are tons of beatiful girls :-)

I'm dying for reassembling the vert ramp. The waiting is the worst. You see, nobody rollerskates round here but I don't mind. One friend of mine call me "La resistencia", but I always tell him that I do it just because I enjoy doing it. Skating as long as I have fun doing it.

In Lyon I landed again fakie 720s. I didn't land one since four years or so. The best thing is when you slam several times trying one trick and at last you pull it off. It is such a good feeling!

It's not only a sport, it's about mind and body control and about progression. To learn is always challenging. And this undergroung-global scene is really cool. We are not notorius but we keep on rolling. That is just because we like it.

Of course, it's a pleasure to do a grind at 200 km/h and high method-airs!

This things happen when you want to rollerskate and you don't have a ramp to do it. Bla, bla, bla...

P.S.: I still have to aswer one question you made me some weeks ago.
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