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Nelo (pictures by Nelo)
Hot LaWa Contest August 13/14
: : That will be perfect! Two vert rollerskating meetings in three months but I can not take days off at my job on October. Once again I'm going to miss the US meeting.
: Sorry that you cannot make WWW in Oct. It would be nice to skate Hot LaWa, but August is not a good time for me.
: : I'm dying for reassembling the vert ramp. The waiting is the worst. You see, nobody rollerskates round here but I don't mind. One friend of mine call me "La resistencia", but I always tell him that I do it just because I enjoy doing it. Skating as long as I have fun doing it.
: I experience the same here in NY. Two vert ramps are down and the closest is 1.5 hours drive away, but it is a great ramp. At 44, it is still fun and is why I will skate until I can't anymore.
: : In Lyon I landed again fakie 720s. I didn't land one since four years or so. The best thing is when you slam several times trying one trick and at last you pull it off. It is such a good feeling!
: Rad! I'm happy these days to land fakie 360s.
: : It's not only a sport, it's about mind and body control and about progression. To learn is always challenging. And this undergroung-global scene is really cool. We are not notorius but we keep on rolling. That is just because we like it.
: Yes, very true. It's amazing the variety of really wonderful skaters we meet in our travels. These people love what they do and passionately pursue skating.
: : This things happen when you want to rollerskate and you don't have a ramp to do it. Bla, bla, bla...
: You get hungry when you don't have access to skate alot. You want to make every trick you can, since it may be awhile when you can try again.
: : P.S.: I still have to aswer one question you made me some weeks ago.
: What question is that?
The answer to the question is that there is a vert rollerskating video previous to the Air Attack. I guess some people that read this must know. Its name is something like "The Eight Wheels Show One" or so. It's similar to Air Attack. I will try to get more info. Back in the day, in the ninetys, some guys round here kept this material like it was a secret. They didn't want to reveal the style and the tricks that people like Alex Colin, Rene, Bryan W., or J. Tubb were doing outside. You see, we were children but people were very very competitive. Now they don't skate, I hope I will be able to get a copy. Maybe.
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