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Skate advice
Hi Rob,

I'm 47 and just got into ramps and things a couple of years ago, so you're not too old.

: I am guessing it will take a while till I am comfortable enough to hit vert, but I am wondering if skates are different now.

Not really.

: I have a pair of low cut Ridell skates from many many years ago. Any suggestions about skates or is there any new advances?

Most people still build their own, but you can buy ready made vert quads at

: I am most curious about wheels. I have some old Kryptonic wheels and wonder if you can still interchange skateboard wheels?

It depends on the trucks you are using.

: I will break out the skates tomorrow and would like some advice on equiptment. I don't need anything too great, just something that is comfortable and works. Any suggestions? My old skates should work, but want to know about wheels and if there have been any advances in the last 15 years? Damn, I am old, but want to start skating again and want to retire doing what I grew up doing.

I hope to be a skating old man too. I'm a grandfather who skates ramps sometimes. I guess that's close.

: The inline thing just does not do it for me. The skates are uncomfortable and you can't stop going down a steep hill.

I didn't like the $300 crappy molded plastic inlines I saw being sold. Plus I have larger than normal feet and have to build my own. It's easier to build quads, sorry for that term Bernhard :), than it is a set of inlines.

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