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Skate advice
: Hi, can you tell me what you thought of the vskate? You obviously gave them away, but what did you think? It seems they are pretty cool for someone like me. What did you not like about the wheels? How was the grind plate and the toe stop? This skate looked too good to be true. Did it work? What was the quality? I want to get a pair once they come out again. Would you recommend them or were they junk?

I wouldn't recommend them in the setup I got them for serious skating. The main reason are the wheels. They are just very slow. You also couldn't put normal inline or skateboard wheels on them because the axles wouldn't accomodate them. I suggested to change this to the manufacturer. Also the stoppers weren't good enough in my eyes. I would have preferred them made of PU. The base plate had a tendency to break at the toe, but that already had been redesigned when I talked to the manufacturer. In summary: We have to look again at the redesigned model.
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