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Skate advice
: As to the question about wheels, can I buy normal skateboard wheels or do I need something different? As far as trucks, I always skated on the really small standard ones. I was never into grinding. I was all about flips in every direction. Even in contests with inline skaters, I would do old school tricks and all kinds of flips, but never did the big airs. I guess I am a creature of habit and like my own tricks.

The standard 2 inch wide rollerskate trucks cannot take skateboard wheels. Standard quad wheels have the bearings basically flush with the back of the wheel. Skateboard and longboard wheels have a recessed bearing seat with the wheel sides sticking out beyond the bearing face. This causes the wheel to rub against the bridge of the truck. I got around this by removing the axles and replacing them with threaded rod and putting nuts on either side to hold the rod in place and also make the truck wider. This allows me to put whatever wheels I want on them.
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