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Great Pics
: I was just going through some old pics when I travelled Europe and have some great pics of some rollerskaters. Is there somewhere that I can post them? I know I will spell his name wrong, but I have some pics of Martin Broiche ripping the Munster Bowl. I don't even remember taking them, but he is ripping hard. I also have some pics of some skaters in Paris doing some good stuff. Let me know, if there is somewhere to post these pics.

For one, you can post pics in this forum. This is good for sharing the occasional picture. When you have a whole collection of pics of some rollerskater, you can send them to my via E-Mail and I can create a page dedicated to this skates (like the other skater pages on this site). We should add some info on this person, an interview or a profile would be nice. In Martin Broich's case, one special piece of info comes immediately to mind: He is the inventor of the infamous Broich Flip.
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