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Great Pics
Wow, I would love to know about that flip. I have been doing about three different flips for many years. I learned them from watching skateboarders like Daryl Miller and Eddie Alguerra? I have some great pics of some young rollerskaters from Spain. I hung out with them, but could not tell you their names. I will try to dig them up and you can do what you want with them. I was on my inline skates during my trip to Europe, but there were so many good quad skaters.

: : I was just going through some old pics when I travelled Europe and have some great pics of some rollerskaters. Is there somewhere that I can post them? I know I will spell his name wrong, but I have some pics of Martin Broiche ripping the Munster Bowl. I don't even remember taking them, but he is ripping hard. I also have some pics of some skaters in Paris doing some good stuff. Let me know, if there is somewhere to post these pics.
: For one, you can post pics in this forum. This is good for sharing the occasional picture. When you have a whole collection of pics of some rollerskater, you can send them to my via E-Mail and I can create a page dedicated to this skates (like the other skater pages on this site). We should add some info on this person, an interview or a profile would be nice. In Martin Broich's case, one special piece of info comes immediately to mind: He is the inventor of the infamous Broich Flip.
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