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Great Pics
: Wow, I would love to know about that flip.

Well, it's a back-flip in principle. He did it back in the times when half pipes were really true to their name and didn't have flat, vert, coping or table. I'd say it was really innovative to do such a trick as the first person ever (as far as anyone I talked to can tell).

: I have been doing about three different flips for many years. I learned them from watching skateboarders like Daryl Miller and Eddie Alguerra?

I am really awed by anyone doing flip-tricks. I saw a miller flip this weekend executed by a skateboarder at the Fest-Cup in Karlsruhe. Also lots of spins and flips by some inliners. Shot lots of photos.

: I have some great pics of some young rollerskaters from Spain. I hung out with them, but could not tell you their names. I will try to dig them up and you can do what you want with them. I was on my inline skates during my trip to Europe, but there were so many good quad skaters.

Spain, Denmark, France, Sitzerland, Great Britain, Czechia, Germany, ... There were quite some countries in Europe with a healthy roller skater scene. Anyhow, it would be great to see those pics and to think about how to present them in a good way.

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