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mini-trucks/boot problems
: claudine, tracker trucks has the tracker mid-track. not too wide and stable depending on bushing hardness and tightness of kingpin. however, you'll have to find plates to mount them to. tracker made trekker plates specificly for skates. pretty much non-existent now. boots: riedell 125 or 265. skechers makes urethane toe-guards availaible at if you can find original riedell 265's made in the 70's/80's they have the 3/4 inch heel. (more leverage). and have thick gauge leather.the new version has a speed heel (1/4 inch). and thin gauge leather. eric

Hey thanks!
I think at this point, since I want to get into bowls right now, I wont really need wide trucks immediately. Once I'm doing a bunch of tricks, I'll know I'm ready. Just digging the ride and wanting to work on grabs/inverts first which will keep me occupied for a good year I'm thinking. But I want to know what I'll get and how to mount them first before I even think of diving in. How wide is the hanger width? I dont really want that to go beyond 3 inches since I have a narrow build.

I think I'm getting the 265s but I havent found an older version of those. I was told that a large heel isnt good since you dont force yourself forward. The hockey boots just dont conform to my foot the way I like so I can control my skates and move the way I want.

But toes guards, YES! I check into it. I need serious help there cause I'm always sliding on my toes for some reason. I hope they are bullet proof lol!
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