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: : only leather they have. Any hints to places that I can find them? I was thinking of hockey tar, to put on my artistic skates too since I dont want to have to drive to the rink to practice my jumps. But guards would be nicer! I'd rather my boots look dumb but stay in one piece.
: there used to be plastic toe guards designed for hockey boots, like the plastic strips, but a cup-like shape that covers the toe box area.
: haven't seen these in years.

Oh no! I guess its leather or hockey tar if I can find that. Bummer. I had my fingers crossed you had the connections. I'm wondering if I could find a cheap set of elbow pads, I could cut a hole for the stopper and 2 small ones for the laces...... Otherwise, not sure how you would attach it. I might try to find a local car dump too lol. You never know what you could find. Rubber bumpers might do. So might the plastic dashboard if I could get a really good saw lol.
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