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no sketchers toe guards
: only leather they have. Any hints to places that I can find them? I was thinking of hockey tar, to put on my artistic skates too since I dont want to have to drive to the rink to practice my jumps. But guards would be nicer! I'd rather my boots look dumb but stay in one piece.

claudine, i bought 2 pair of skecher toe-guards (black and blue) a year ago from skates on haight. their storefront address is the owner is lee cole. contact him or a sales rep. when i ordered they had a ton of 'em. they don't last a long time (6 months) but i ride 695's and those are $300 a pop. if push comes to shove i'll send you a used set of mine. give me your e-mail so i can get a physical address to send them to. i called skechers and they have them but ship to distributors only and wouldn't give me a retail list. this time last year i was in your position: kneesliding and destroying expensive boots. i contacted irene and other vert skaters but no dice. i think i lucked into them on the internet. 20 years ago i used smith skins: a lace-saver contraption for skateboarders. they worked well. maybe contact dale smith at smith pads. the owner. eric
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