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skating bowls?
You crack me up! My advice to you is patience. You can't be too analytical when it comes to skating. Although you definitely can learn technique, practice and patience is what you really need. Back when we were younger, we could just charge it, but now we have to take things a bit slower. It sounds like you are trying to run before walk. Just practice over and over again and you will get more comfortable. It was hard for me to visualize what you are skating, but it sounds like you are trying to get used to carving versus going straight up and turning. While carving you want to start leaning or turning early, but do it very gradually. Think of it as an arc. Go into the wall turning gradually and at your highest point your feet should be parellel to the coping and then gradually start turning down the wall. I am sure someone on here would do a better job explaining. I spent many years on ramps and am just now getting used to carving again.

: I was having one of the best skates ever today! This is only my 3rd or 4th time going to the bowls. I love the variety, just this is new to me so I would like advice.
: Outside the bowl, there are 3 concrete ramps. The first one you carve down and around to the left and its concave. Then on the right its at a 60 degree angle going up, flat slope, that drops in at a sharp angle, so I started going over on the right side on my loop this time since the sharp drop sends me launching into the air! :-D
: But I guess I was doing this wrong cause I would land going sideways still and never felt super stable on my landings. Should I have just turned 45 degrees and landed going straight down when I was in the air? Then I spun straight down to go up a steeper ramp, also flat slope going up on the other side.
: Well, the third time I did this I just went for it and was flying as fast as I could, so I got launched into the air on the last ramp going up too at the top but landed on my outside wheels on my left skate. My foot twisted out. I stopped skating, walked hoping to shake it off. Came home and now I cant stand on it. I'm so bummed! Think its sprained and no medical insurance. But it'll be OK.
: So I'm wondering about how to gain better balance going sideways? I'm used to straight up and down but this is so much more fun!! I'm not sure yet how to hold my body if that makes sense. Any hints or just time? The guys were in the bowl but next time I want to try carving on it low to get the idea since the transitions here are smooth and consistant. The multiple transitions confuse me since its new. I'm not sure if thats the right lingo, sorry if its not.
: I'm also wondering, is this a good time to put the narrow ramp trucks on? Would that help? The feeling of carving sideways is amazing and I like to launch into the air going sideways just dont feel stable that way yet. Once I heal I cant wait to do it again!
: I am getting longer trucks soon. Just started some sidestance too but it will be some time before I can really do it. So not sure if I should go all the way now? If it would help? I cant believe how much fun the bowls are. The concrete feels so smooth and fast. Pretty exciting. Seems like I slide more when I fall so not sure if its "safer". Seems to be? But I'm also not so sure I'm ready and maybe should stick with the skatepark longer? I cant spin well in both directions yet lol. This is so much fun though!
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