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skating bowls?
Yep, street course, concrete. I was loving it! But its very varied, and I guess my body/mind isnt ready for me to push that. I dont really know how to skate off a ledge and land while going sideways with much air. I was off balance going into the next ramp.

Well, I cant even stand on my foot now. Feels like when I hurt my wrist. That took a month to heal so I'm out for awhile. I'm soooooo sad! Lucky me though, I'm tiny but never really broke anything besides my butt lol. And some fractures from a car accident when my car was plowed over by an 18 wheeler. So now I'm stuck home and bored already. I'll fix up my skates since the heel is too wide. Get a pad put in so my feet done move. And hopefully soon I can ride my bike at least.

Gosh, I was having so much fun! I'll have to watch videos for now. Lift some weights!

: It sounds like you are skating a street course, which is not something I am good at or enjoy. I am old school Vert and really never skated the small stuff, which can be very challenging. I was skating the little bowl at my park and doing some fun grinds and plate tricks, but I have been sticking to the big bowl recently. I think street type stuff or smaller stuff is way more technical. I am starting to get some good lines in the big bowl and really enjoying the carving. I am getting really tempted to try a few old tricks, but trying not to. I have been obsessing on doing a flip on the big wall, but don't think I should open that can of worms. You don't know the word patience until you try to skate mellow and not attept the tricks you used to do. I am looking into getting some health insurance just so I can skate with out the fear of being in a terrible financial situation. I never worried about getting hurt until I broke my elbow and had to deal with a very difficult four months of pain and paying a lot of money. If I did not have insurance, it would have cost me about $12,000. Luckily, I had insurance and it cost about $2500. Although I am resticting my skating to the basics, I am having fun and getting a good work out.

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