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skating bowls?
It sounds like you are skating a street course, which is not something I am good at or enjoy. I am old school Vert and really never skated the small stuff, which can be very challenging. I was skating the little bowl at my park and doing some fun grinds and plate tricks, but I have been sticking to the big bowl recently. I think street type stuff or smaller stuff is way more technical. I am starting to get some good lines in the big bowl and really enjoying the carving. I am getting really tempted to try a few old tricks, but trying not to. I have been obsessing on doing a flip on the big wall, but don't think I should open that can of worms. You don't know the word patience until you try to skate mellow and not attept the tricks you used to do. I am looking into getting some health insurance just so I can skate with out the fear of being in a terrible financial situation. I never worried about getting hurt until I broke my elbow and had to deal with a very difficult four months of pain and paying a lot of money. If I did not have insurance, it would have cost me about $12,000. Luckily, I had insurance and it cost about $2500. Although I am resticting my skating to the basics, I am having fun and getting a good work out.

: : You crack me up! My advice to you is patience. You can't be too analytical when it comes to skating. Although you definitely can learn technique, practice and patience is what you really need. Back when we were younger, we could just charge it, but now we have to take things a bit slower. It sounds like you are trying to run before walk. Just practice over and over again and you will get more comfortable. It was hard for me to visualize what you are skating, but it sounds like you are trying to get used to carving versus going straight up and turning. While carving you want to start leaning or turning early, but do it very gradually. Think of it as an arc. Go into the wall turning gradually and at your highest point your feet should be parellel to the coping and then gradually start turning down the wall. I am sure someone on here would do a better job explaining. I spent many years on ramps and am just now getting used to carving again.
: :
: Hahahaha! Patience, whats that? I had a lot of sugar today before sk8n so I was pretty hyper!
: But basically, its not a bowl, just 2 steep flat ramps on each side, the one on the right has a sharp point where it drops in abouy 45 degrees, and an curved slop down going in. So lots of variety going to the other side! I donno, I got too excited and forgot I was old and didnt have medical insurance lol. Usually I am cautious but today it was too much fun. I was on a rush! :-D
: I guess I will slowly go up the steeper slopes carving like I did with the ramps until my body figures it out. When I fly off that one which goes in about 45 degrees at a point and land, you dont hit 2 feet. Kinda weird to me and throws me off a bit. I guess my body is saying whats this LOL? I guess you lean into the center? Gosh, I could skate forever and it would never get boring doing bowls. Nothings the same. I love it!
: The skateboarders dont really get air going off that corner so I had noone to watch. They just slam down on the front truck.
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