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OK, I will write something up, put it on my site also since I want to get some roller skating stuff up, then submit it to you. I would love to contribute something to hopefully help someone else one day. I've gotten so much help here!

Plus I need to lay off my foot some. Been trying not to exercise much so I fully heal, just I seem to walk way to much on my off days since I have too much energy. So its gotten sore doing nothing lol. I just hope my legs dont turn into jello.

How did you hurt yourself? I read that below. When work starts, I will only be able to skate the parks on weekends, maybe til March. I wont like that. I hope I can stay in shape somehow.

: I very much would like you to write something and I would like to put it with the other how-to pages. To me it would perfectly OK to have the photos and the text. But if you want to practice your HTML, you can do so. It also is no problem to host it here with the other stuff. I didn't want to create the the impression that the site is getting clogged. It only would be a problem if the images suddenly get posted in the thousands. Then I probably would have a problem keeping up.
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