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: Do you already have a site up or is it still in the planning stage?
Yes I do! But its over a year out of date and before I took many web classes. Its geared towards my art/graphics/portfolio. Since I am on the way to becoming a web developer now, I can make it more about ME and what I love to do. And make it much more dynamic and interesting. I want to compile all the knowlege about roller skating. If it werent for the Internet, I wouldnt be doing this now so I feel this is a wonderful thing to do. I want to start it but probably wont get it really going til next summer.

: : How did you hurt yourself? I read that below.
: Probably you mean my latest injury. I just wanted to try out my re-vamped skates (took some pics of them today and hope to get the film developed soon) but shouldn't have, since I was very tired. Therefore I inevitably missed the coping with my skates and slammed with my shin-bone against it. I can still move OK, but it hurts when I touch it.

I hope you heal soon! Being injured isnt fun. Thats why I am taking it slow. But my first few weeks of work I will get home way after the skatepark closes and with my classes, might have little time to do anything, 3 hr commute each day too. I think I will ride my bike on the rollers and lift weights to keep fit during the week til I have more free time.
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